Travelling Solo Precautions

Seeking adventure alone is worthwhile and has tons of benefits we can gain from it. Most of them that have experienced this have described the journey to be life changing.

To indulge in a new culture with unknown people has a little peace to it especially when you are all alone. Travelling alone gives you a lot of satisfaction, but there are some precautions you need to be aware of in order for things to go smoothly.

Ergo, how do you prepare properly on a trip else alone? Here are some few tips and suggestions.

  • Save Up

Of course, the most important factor to travel in the first place is to be financially stable. Doesn’t it feel great to have tons of fun in the place you desire and go back home peacefully without a debt?

Save up before a trip so that you can maximize all the fun you wanted to try on. However, be mindful not to splurge all of it recklessly.

It is important to plan a budget so that you wouldn’t affect your financials during the trip. 

  • Decide On Your Destination

Be aware of the places you are accommodating and visiting so that it will ensure you a solid safety when you’re abroad. Do your research beforehand on the place that you are staying so that you won’t get overwhelmed upon arrival.

To avoid being paranoid and vulnerable in a foreign place, make sure to book a stay that is reliable and trustworthy with a good rating. 

From these ratings, you can get a gist on what the place or the surrounding are like and whether it’s aligned based on your preference or otherwise.

  • Get To Know Other Travellers

Solo travelling might be quite boring at times because you don’t have any other companion to share the fun with. The solution is to make friends with other travellers.

Your catch up session does not necessarily end when you part ways with one another, perhaps you can share with one another what your plans are to visit your destination together to double the fun and experience.

  • Update On Your Whereabouts

To prioritize your safety and wellbeing, it’s recommended for you to regularly update and let them know where you are headed. You can let your family and friends at home on your whereabouts or share with them your itinerary or even update the concierge you’re staying at so that they are aware. 

When travelling alone, always remember to stick the route planned beforehand and tell trusted people for them to expect your return.

  • Staying Alert

Being alone in a foreign place can make you a vulnerable target to petty criminals around the area hence why you need to be cautious of your surroundings. 

Do not get swept up during your travels and be aware at all times of your surroundings so that you won’t get pick pocketed. 

  • Take Care Of Your Belongings

Storing your important things like your wallet, cash and passports in a place where you can see is utmost important. Never keep your wallet or cellphone at the back of your pocket because it’s easier for it to be pick pocketed.

It’s also important to keep your cash, credit cards and passports separately. When out sightseeing, stash your passport safely in the hotel and bring a copy of it with you at all times whereas for money and credit cards keep some in your wallet and emergency money in a small pouch. 

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