Things to Have in Educational Websites

Educational websites can include websites with games, videos, or subject-related resources that serve as tools to enhance learning and support classroom teaching. These are some of the elements that are similar to most education websites. In this article, we will let you know the things you should have on educational websites and where you can find the best website design services in Penang to design your website. 

  • Home:

This is the front page of the website where you can place logos, photos, important notices, and school event information.

  • About page:

Through this page, you can view your school background, location, certificate, etc.

  • You can provide information about Courses:  

On this page, you can provide detailed information about the courses your school offers.

  • Bio and faculty information: 

Here on the required website you can make available information about your educational institution’s teachers and team members.

  • Enrollment form: 

This form is for students to enroll in classes at your school.

  • Contact form:  

Now you can generate a review form for potential students and website visitors to contact your school. Sit down, relax, and think about the elements you want to include in the education website you are going to create. But don’t think too much, you can easily add/change it later. So come on let’s start our adventure!

Let us explain all in detail.

1)     Find the right domain name for your educational website

2)     Save the domain name and get a hosting plan

3)     Install WordPress

4)     Customize the theme to create the desired look and feel

5)     Install the relevant plug-in

6)     Add content and information

  • Consider a Domain name:

The first step is to choose a domain name for your education website. The name is your brand identity and represents your educational institution, so it’s important. Often, choosing a Domain name is a daunting task and takes a lot of time. This won’t be too difficult as this is your educational site. The name of your school, college, educational institution, or education portal can be the domain name of your website.

Once you have prepared your potential domain name, go to Name silo to check its availability. Enter a possible name in the search box.

  • Register a domain name and get a hosting plan:

A web host is a place where all the content of your website is located.

Web hosting companies offer a certain amount of storage space and bandwidth at a reasonable price. Therefore, using a reliable web hosting service is important. For starters, I recommend using a shared hosting plan because it is cheap and easy to use.

  • Choose a list of new fields.  First of all, you must enter the domain name you searched for on Namesilo.com before. Then click PROCESS.
  • At the end of processing, enter your name, physical address, email address, payment information, and period of your subscription.

 Jumix design can help in designing your educational website as they are the best web developer in Penang. 

Alya Hashim

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