The 90s fashion is back

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The 90s fashion is back

What 90s has brought to us? Brit pop, boybands and the Spice Girls. Remember their platform shoes, spaghetti strape, and double buns hair? You may had sent all the pin up posters to recycle bin but probably still has some leftover accecories hidden somewhere in
your storage room, now is time to dig in and dig deep, because the 90’s is slowly creeping

For those who are borned in the 90’s, just ask your bigger sister, she may still has some hidden inside her closet.

1. Denim overalls

Denim overalls is not just for kids, many people were able to easily pull off the dungarees with baggy plaid shirts and hoop earrings. The overall look back in the day had giant pockets sewn on the front and slouched in a straight, H-line form. In the current day, overalls are more form fitting with various lengths and tighter pant width.

2. Chocker necklace

Chokers were the ultimate accessory of choice in the 90s, coveted by many of the top fashionistas and Hollywood celebrities. After a decade, they’re finally back, and this time around they’ve upgraded into even better style features. As they’re short and cling to the neck, they happen to look great with crew-neck tees as well as deep plunging V-necks to accentuate the faceline.

Still not convincing? How about we let K pop star IU shows you?

3. Bun head

Bun head is back, be it a single bun or double bun, as long as you don’t make it too tide, you are good.

4. Platform sneaker

This classic Spice Girls look has returned with a diverse array of styles and colors to choose from. The platform sneakers aren’t as obnoxious as the hallmark Spice Girl one’s but they still add a little punch of fashion.

5. Crop tops

Show off that belly you has been practicing the whole time in gym room with crop top, sister!

image : weheartit

What if you still carry an extra baby fat? Just cover it with another 90s item, the overalls, easy.

6. Floral skater dress

The floral skater dress never seems to go out of style. Recently, it’s made a strong comeback, namely in sunflower and daisy prints, paired with a pair of biker boots and rock that flirty look.

image : oshare

7. Floral print shorts

From Hawaiian print to daisies this super cute trend is ruling. High-waisted floral shorts are both bootylicious and beyond adorable. It’s the perfect thing that needs to be a part of your wardrobe.

8. Destroyed, high-waisted denim

You are still wearing and never noticed this fashion trend was actually coming from the 90s, aren’t you? Don’t worry, just keep wearing, for a while.

Alya Hashim

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