Mother Earth is breathing heavily!

Beginning of a sinkhole? A marsh? Wind perhaps? Or a Photobomb? – social media definitely went bananas over a weird video posted on Halloween Eve of what looks like living, breathing earth in a Canadian forest.

The eerie footage of forest ground moving in Apple River in Nova Scotia was shot by Brian Nuttall on October 31 and uploaded a day later.

Nuttall shared his experience in a Facebook post, in which he suggested his theory for the unusual ‘breathing’ ground.

” …the larger trees are doomed to blow down but are currently spared, the smaller trees around them help hold each other up, as the wind pushes the trees into one another. The punishing prevailing winds have taken their toll on the side hill, the roots have loosened and the mossy ground from the once shaded forest floor are giving way, soon to be toppled over,” he said.

However, Facebook users were far from being satisfied by such a ‘non-supernatural’ explanation and had their own versions to explain why the ground moved on the day ‘when the dead are waking up’.

Beginning of a sinkhole, ocean water under the earth, a hallucination – the imagination of the users, possibly fans of the X-files, carried on unabated.

“That’s amazing and freaky as hell!” ,“Spooky” ,“The longer you watch it the more crazy it is”, “That’s insane!!” they wrote.

However, there were several skeptics who claimed it was a Photoshop job and just a practical joke.

“This has to be fake lol photo shop of some sort maybe,” FB user Colleen Burke said.

There were some who believed it was a natural event and they recalled similar incidents in the past.

“I had some trees in a past home that I lived in. The roots are all interconnected, and when the wind blew the top of the huge tree, the ground moved like this at least 2 feet up and down,” Suzanne Kelly Humphrey wrote.

“It’s the tree roots… as the wind blows and the tree moves.. so does the ground… many tree roots are near the surface…” added Michelle Mcc, apparently another fan of anti-supernatural theories.

source : rt.com

Alya Hashim

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